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Evangelista performs her ambassadorial role superlatively. When I muse that it's admirable for the ostensibly fluffy fashion and beauty industry to tackle such a foul disease, Evangelista says: "No disease is pretty. Occasionally, there are flashes of the vulnerability of a little girl who grew up in the fashion industry, which, to a teenager, must be a world combining The Wizard of Oz with Party Monster. Evangelista is one of those women who bring out the protective urge in men, without alienating other women.

Between 19, she scored the Grand Slam - four consecutive covers of UK, US, French and Italian Vogue.Spotted by a scout from the Elite model agency when she lost a Miss Teen Niagara pageant at the age of 16, Evangelista languished in Paris for three years before the photographer Arthur Elgort booked her for French Vogue in 1987.That year saw the birth of the supermodels and the unholy alliance of Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington, which the industry christened the Trinity."They probably don't know who I am or what I'm doing there." Demsey cuts in. You're the reason all those little girls wanted to be models.

They had your tear sheets on the wall of their bedrooms, and they dreamed of being you." Evangelista has the grace to accept compliments like a Washington political hostess.

To celebrate a decade of Viva Glam campaigns, the MAC president John Demsey chose role models who had an insider, cult edge: Christina Aguilera, Boy George and Missy Elliott for music, Chloë Sevigny for movies, and Linda E as fashion's favourite face.