Trina and nicki minaj dating

04-Dec-2017 19:41

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Trina and her baller boo Kenyon Martin look like they've have kissed and made up.Just in time to get cutesy for the cameras around her album release festivites.She has the most Billboard Hot 100 entries for a female artist in the chart's history, while being ninth overall.

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7even Up explained that he and Nicki weren't fans of Safaree's reggae edge that he brought to the group, and he even went so far to say that it was the reason they weren't getting signed by labels.More pics and Trina addressing beef with Nicki Minaj when you read on. Wayne is the CEO of the label that she's on and I guess that is her way of saying let him solidify to people that she's a five-star chick. And before I could get that little smile off my face - you know that blushing thing - it was done. I was standing with the cheeks really big, smiling in awe and it was done.