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At the end of every season, professional athletes have two realities: we’re either celebrating a championship, or we’re saying, “wait until next season.” But there eventually comes a third reality called “Transition Season.” You hang up your skates, and call it a day. ”I decided to retire in 2012 because the game was no longer fun for me.

“This was bullying, like you might see in high school,” says Ian Laperrière, the former Kings forward who now mentors young players in the Flyers organization. players and coaches from that era, Brown’s lisp was not Avery’s primary target.

And difficult though this may be for fans to understand, some nights, I did not love all the thumping music and swirling lights announcing “The New York Rangers!

” as we skated out to play Game X in our 82-game season.

Following his one-man evisceration of the Vancouver Canucks, LA Kings captain Dustin Brown’s received the national media treatment courtesy a Sports Illustrated piece from Michael Farber. He has lisped for as long as he can remember, although the speech therapy he went through as a fifth-grader helped him learn to control it.

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In it, much is made of Brown’s physical play and his maturation from shy teenager to Kings captain. (The lisp tends to return when he is engaged in casual conversation or after, say, a puck has given him a fat lip.) But in dressing rooms where razzing is the lingua franca, the lisp made him an easy target early in his career.

Employees complained that, because they don't know whether they will be working or not until very short notice, scheduling personal matters like child care or school is very difficult.

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