Online dating opening message

09-Dec-2017 00:05

My advice is to limit your message to 4 paragraphs, each of no more than two or three sentences.

Keep it short and punchy, and cover things in the following order:1.

So consider using something in your message that conveys that sense of vulnerability.

In the case of women contacting men, men prefer a more robust approach.

There is actually no reason why you have to open your message with a salutation.

If you have a great opening paragraph, then it may be a better strategy to simply let their eyes go straight into your message structure.

Especially when it comes to men contacting women on a dating site, women are actually turned off by generic openings.

Using uncertainties shows sensitivity, which you cannot convey through body language or vocal tone at this point.

If you share a common interest then definitely mention it in a positive and enquiring way. Do the photos give a clue as to the lifestyle they have.

Are you the type of person they will be interested in?

If your message does not engage with the person you have contacted then you will simply be ignored.

If the person who reads your first online dating message thinks even slightly that you don’t look and sound for them, then fair enough.Express an interest in dialogue with them and ask a question that will hopefully provoke response.4.

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