Online dating jitters

28-Nov-2017 07:21

If you can discipline yourself to work out for a half-hour or longer, that’s terrific; if not, shoot for at least ten minutes.

Overall, there are many ways that you can reduce first date anxiety.

One way to prevent yourself from thinking too much about what he’ll be like when you meet him is to focus more on the activity you’re going to engage in on the date.

Think about what kinds of activities you enjoy and what kinds of places you enjoy going, and suggest a couple of them to him as you plan your date. Friends can act as great supports when you’re vulnerable or anxious.

Research shows that imagining a future scenario and thinking about exactly how you want it to go can help you prepare for any outcome.

Containing your anxiety is important because people are most authentic and attractive when they’re relaxed.

Try some or all of these tips the next time you prepare for a first date and you’ll feel more confident and relaxed as a result!

As a cognitive behavior therapist, I understand that anxiety is influenced by one's thinking.

For example, you will probably feel incredible pressure if you think, "I have to look/sound/behave perfectly because otherwise my date, who might be destined to be the love of my life, will judge me negatively." Perfection, of course, is impossible.A first date can be stressful because it’s all about the unknown, meaning that you really don’t know what you’re going to get until it’s shaking your hand for the first time.