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28-Jul-2017 17:34

My jewelery was made by the lovely Oma, I saw it that day and I loved it. The cake was made by Cakesiena, I called him only a few days to the wedding and he managed to deliver, even though that weekend was his dad’s funeral. In a Yoruba traditional wedding, the bride is the last person to arrive , the first part of the whole marriage ceremony is to meet the families and pay bride price. If you never exercise, don’t dare join the grooms parade because those alaga’s go take your eyes do ween!

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I said I was going to upload the wedding photos since but I never got around to doing it. I can’t believe we’ve been married almost 3 months!

There's usually two Alaga's who I will liken to MC's, 1 to represent each family.

One is Alaga Iduro (grooms family), and the other is Alaga Ijoko (brides family).

We forgot the gele and jewelry of that outfit at home. When I told you we were disorganized you think say I dey lie?

Thats the job of the CBM but when the CBM is moy younger sister and the mother of two kids, you go sempe!e yams, fruits, drinks, jewelry etc and I was asked to pick what I like there.

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