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Earlier sagas, such as the voyage of the Argonauts, were accepted in a similar fashion.Most Greek legends were embellished with folktales and fiction, but some certainly contain a historical substratum.Why the Golden Age came to an end Hesiod failed to explain, but it was succeeded by the .After an inordinately prolonged childhood, the men of the Silver Age began to act presumptuously and neglected the gods.The orthodox view treats the two poems as quite different in theme and treats the Works and Days as a theodicy (a natural theology).

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The extreme formality of the style, however, renders much of the identification difficult, and there is no inscriptional evidence accompanying the designs to assist scholars in identification and interpretation.

The victory of the little man by means of cunning against impossible odds, the exploits of the superman (e.g., Heracles), or the long-delayed victory over enemies are still as popular with modern writers as they were with the Greeks.

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