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Members of the British Royal Family are driven in Jaguars, though other makes may be used in other Commonwealth realms.

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(In this article the term "armored car" invariably means a reinforced civilian vehicle, not the military vehicle often so named.) When carrying an important passenger, state vehicles may be surrounded by a motorcade consisting of police or military personnel.

In 2013, BMW was selected to provide a fleet of 7 Series High Security vehicles as part of a tender to replace the ageing armoured Holden Caprice fleet that formerly transported the Australian Prime Minister.

The off-the-shelf replacements offer greater protection and better value for money.

The official state car of the Prime Minister of Australia is a white ballistic and bullet-proof armoured BMW 7 Series, supported at all times by an armoured BMW X5.

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Prior to 2013, vehicles in the Prime Ministerial fleet were white Ford Territory and Holden Caprice models.Sometimes he uses a heavy armored, custom-built Mercedes-Benz W221 S600 Guard Pullman.

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