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Open girls in Spanish unless she writes in English on her profile or mentions she speaks the language. Then spam her with attention through messages, voice messages, photos, and videos - until she actually shows up for a date. This is normal and bound to happen, especially outside of Bogota.Colombian girls love attention, but so do girls from just about every country in the world. This is particularly true if you have a short trip (like a two-week vacation) and are looking for a hassle-free way to meet cute Colombianas. I'd advise you to open in Spanish and use indirect game. I'd start with a first date that involves drinking and run the date as you would in the United States.Looking when you land is always the best, but if you have a short trip, you can find decent options online. A lot of the women you meet online in the country won't be "dateable" or of the highest quality. Plus, the girls using online dating in Colombia are self-selecting to like foreign guys. Use profile pictures that show your blue/green eyes, blonde hair, muscular body, or well-dressed style. Women in Colombia go out at night to dance and show their stunning bodies to the world. That being said - I will give you one tip to make nightlife in Colombia much more enjoyable: don't fight it! You'll be pissed if you roll into a Colombian club with a "7" on your arm and every other guy in the club has a cuter chick than you.If you don't have pictures showcasing any of the four - get new photos. Online girls should be met before you go to the club with them. As you begin to meet Colombian girls, go on dates, get to know them, and make sweet love - you'll want to understand a few more things: In Colombia, you may be going on more second and third dates than you're accustomed to.If you're acting like a fool, you're going to run into trouble. So keep strong frame and expectations with any girls you're seeing. Other areas are safe, but require a few more precautions.

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The key to meeting more girls in Colombia is living in the right neighborhoods. This is especially true for older men dressed to the nines with young looking women.The average Colombian woman will be on the shorter side.