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They said they're concern was about monitering a new bug thats getting on the citrus trees here in Southern California.

They wanted to place traps on lemon trees and then spay with chemicals if the insect is found.

The Regional Water Quality Board has set new regulations governing use of irrigation water they say due to environmental concerns.

Farm Bureau has put its self between the farmers and the government on this issue and now wants me to sign over rights to enter my property to them.

We’ll help you understand why marriage matters, and why getting there with purity and purpose is important.

If you’re tired of treating marriage like a Plan B (or C), join us in our commitment to do relationships differently.

The only tricky part in all of this is figuring out who that someone is.

In sports or any hobby; I’ve come to upon a rule of thumb: If you only give half your effort in your practice then you’re more than likely only going to give half when it needs to count.

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By Jeffrey Selingo | May 9, 2017 | Completion With a Purpose to the state to help Utah high school students prepare for rewarding careers in the state’s fast-growing life sciences industry.

Take time to be familiar with the person you’ve been eyeing; know their personality, interests and quirks before taking the next step.

There have been relationships in the past when I neglected to take time to get to know the person before we started dating.

Over 90 percent of today’s young adults want to get married.

But for many, the path to marriage has become more of a wandering through the wilderness.I have a tremendous amount of pressure of late from agribusiness and governmental organizations.