Dating after broken heart

19-Aug-2017 09:53

You need to wait long enough until you no longer see someone as a suspicious character out to break your heart.

When you open your heart and let someone into your life, you don’t necessarily lose yourself, but parts of yourself are transformed and molded to fit the new piece of the puzzle of your life.

You might even end up getting teary-eyed on a couple of occasions and no one wants that... It doesn’t matter how a relationship comes to an end, with every end in life, a part of us is shaken.

We’re forced to realize that things were probably not as we believed them to be and since this is the case, dating is the last place you should be.

Every one of these steps are rungs on your ladder to love. The purpose is to take a thoughtful, truthful look at this life experience, grab the learning, and forge forward in your journey to lasting, grownup love.

You can choose to look at them as failures and wasted time. Sister, if you have a man who’s haunting you or a relationship you can’t seem to leave behind, I want to help you get to your positive takeaways…and move the hell on!

I don’t care how strong or independent or confident you are, breakups can hurt like hell. and the dynamics of your relationship get processed in a way that helps you understand your experience and learn from it, you are sure to keep repeating your patterns or simply remaining single. When I coach women in my 1-1 coaching programs, we work on my 6-Step Find Hope and Find Him system.

One of the big concerns after a breakup is the thought, “Will I be alone forever now?

(This may surprise you, in a delightful way.) If you feel reluctant to revisit the past, I get it.