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It’s his third hand news with Jui and New that made him.

Forever the hotttest and most earning nang’ek, Aump wowed this year as she broke up with hi-so ex-boyfriend Note to stay single among the hounding of Krit.

Reporter: What does Tak-Live mean (His Group Name)? Please ask Mew Nittha and Ter Chantavith by yourself. Reporter: Mew Nittha becomes a leader now and how about Ter chantavith? I read the news and I asked P’ Ter but he didn’t answer. (Toey & Boy) Boy: We just a shipped couples on screen.

Boy: It’s just a name of group chat and it means a group of gangster. Boy: Mew Nittha can be a female leader *Laugh Reporter: Why members of the group ship both of them? So we posted on Instagram and used the hashtage #Ter Ter calling him. For a diving trip, we didn’t go to the sea only 2 but there were 20 people joining the trip.

Boy: Honestly, we are close for a long time and we have never thought about this (Love). (Love) Boy: No No No (Laugh) Toey: *Laugh….is a person who I can discuss with about everything like a real brother.

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Negotiations for the fight were first reported by MMA Plus in September.

While it seems like Thai lakorn usually comes as a rich CEO and poor girl story, in reality the stories are much more interesting.